The Vision

Try as she might, Faith fought slumber as she stared out of the window, watching the suburbs of Toronto blur away as her train traveled North-East bound towards the capital. The warmth of the cabin, combined with the monotonous clickitty-clack of the tracks and the white-noise of humdrum voices made her eyes heavy.
Beneath her eyelids, came dreams too real to be dreams.
The boys face. Handsome and familiar, yet she’d never seen him before, she was sure of it.
He chased after her at a full run and he was gaining. Her heart hurt. Her stomach wretched.
She looked back.
His hand stretched out, and just in front of her there was a huge explosion as a wave of … god knows what came shooting from the palm of his hand.
She screamed.
“Get up,”
“Stop, stop, stop!” she batted away at the hand that gripped her shoulder, her chest heaving, her throat gasping.
The elder stewart was abacked, with hands raised. “We’re disembarking. If you would just..” he showed the way to the door.
She offered a sheepish smile, “Sorry”

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