Cataclysmic Cybersearch for CyberID

Collar up, hat low over my eyes, hands in my pockets, breeze whipping my trench away from my legs as I hurried the two blocks up and two more east to my home, satisfied that I had the necessary data.

“You gotta light?” some bum asked me, getting in my way so I had to push past him. Everyone assumed I smoked, but honestly, with one and a half cybertronic lungs, I couldn’t risk it. “Hey come on man!” he yelled after me.

I scanned my palm at my door and it unlocked. In the back of my mind I know one day it will be hacked and I’ll be compromised. I plug my port into the tabletop screen and scroll through the files, cross referencing them with the name Mephisto.

One face appeared on my screen, an elderly lady, a great cover, named Beth Ann Sprock. Then a flash of yellow reflected in the table screen over my shoulder. I grabbed the port, rolled behind a chair as a flaregrenade lit up my apartment. My cyberlungs held air for two minutes, long enough to get out the bedroom window

Sprock had a tracer on her files!

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