Let's Have a War

“Captain, one more hit and we’re dead!”
Captain Cho thought for a moment. They could run. No problem. They’d be in the next system before these schmucks could recharge their lasers. Though hotheaded, the Xan didn’t really pose a threat, not on a national scale.
But they were always getting into these little skirmishes. And they fought dirty. One on one, it was an even fight, but if it was the Union vs. the Xan, it’d be over. They’d probably go extinct trying to win.
Someone shouted at him again, a panel to his right exploded and smoke filled the bridge. He’d told Smith to replace those fuses. She had no follow through.
He figured his kids, if he ever had any, would be in the same spot in twenty years, fighting the stupid Xan. That depressed him. So did a career of this same battle, over and over. The only way to end the cycle, was to start the end himself.
“Fuck it,” he announced. “Ram the bitches.”

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