Finding VerseNet

The east side of New London was in shambles. ON the outside, the smoke rising from the sewer grates was a nauseating fume. Overground, East-New London was a shell of its former self.
Below the streets was where you found VerseNet.
Link scanned the rubble, and blinked finding a bloom near an old workshop. Sentries were posted. She flexed her right hand, and marched ahead taking advantage of IR.
“Hey!” she called. Dude on the right had a heart murmur.
She flexed her right hand.
“You can’t be here!” the one on the left shouted back. He was a hack too. Older model OcVue. It wouldn’t detect her hardware; not a chance.
She saw commands flicker across her vision as she issued a neural command.
“I don’t suppose you guys could help a girl get around, eh? Know anyone who wants to party, if you know what I mean?”
[sub ident|OcV-u: Zigbot -OcVuId 34423 -execute]
There was a zap, as the one on the left went stiff, head bobbing as he fell.
Her right fist clenched, taking the one on the right in the chest.
Heart Stopping.

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