Rose Garden Part IIII

“I could tell you one story of this house, right were you are sitting a young woman. Maybe in her twenties served a wealthy man, by the name of Keith. She had loved that man, served his every wish. She was no match with his wife, but that never stopped her from loving Keith. She left the home in the end, moving up state to live with a less wealthy fellow. She couldn’t live among a family, and know it could never be hers. She married a young man, started a small family. Now where the story starts and ends; in this room Keith and Cindy met once more. Many years after, they had come together to pay respect of the late wife of Keith. Cindy expressed her feelings, Keith saw nothing of it. But what Keith did will forever engrave in Cindy’s heart, Keith leaned in and kissed the side of her cheeks before departing.”

“Is that all that happened Fran, they never saw each other again.” Mathieu spoke up from the end of the table.

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