A Hit

Connie led the them outside, the beeping growing more intense.
Connie grabbed Tessa’s arm, Perry grabbed another.
“Brace yourself, Tessa!!” Connie said, throwing her hand up in the air in a “Thumbs Up” position.
“What?!” Tessa screamed over the whirring that had suddenly popped into her ears.
“Have you ever wondered what it would be like being vacuumed up off of a carpet?!” Perry asked.
Tessa looked down at the thick, long grass at her feet.
“WHAT?!” Tessa screamed, the whirring now unbearable.
Suddenly, something was pulling at her head, trying to pull it off. Tessa screamed, her head floating up into the air.
Oh, don’t worry, her body was still attached.
She felt a huge suction going down her body. She tried screaming, though no noise came out.
She was going to have a lot of questions if this was ever over.

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