First came one. Then a hundred.

The warning signs had already been shown. A silent invasion was taking place just outside of our hero’s own home. He couldn’t hear the screams. He didn’t see the signs. It was almost too late.- The Perennial

Things weren’t to our liking so we invited a few of our relatives to pump up the party. – Wilson Weed

The Garden once a nice pristine place was once again under attack Foreign plants stole the resident’s water, corrupting their soil and causing physical damage to the other plants The resident’s were too soft and pretty too fight back effectively and were quickly overrun Their sole protector had been distracted lately

“It looks like this is going to be our last year in the garden guy’s Then they shall send us into the great garden above” said Pete Perennial

The others nodded gravely Things were not going well

Some of the more fragile plant’s were all ready on the brink of death.

The next morning their protector came out of the house disheveled. The plant’s began to pray to their great father Sycamore

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