A forlorn leaf from a dying wild flower blew past the disheveled man. He looked down thinking for a moment, and then violently whirled around shocked!

“We’re saved!!” yelled the morning glory

“I hate that glory guy. We always go through the darkest nights (toughest times) and get to rejoice when we see the sun, But he alway get’s to see the sun! (good times) Never getting to see the moon! hollered the very emotional son’s sister’s mother’s uncle of a weeping willow

The man quickly dropped his things and made a break for the weeds. The gorey yells filled the next several minutes as weeds were ripped out of the ground and torn apart. The other plant’s could not help but feel a little sorry for them. But there was one the man could not pull out. Bruce the Big One. The Saviour seeing bruce kindly went into the garage for- the weed whacker!!! He hacked and slashed at bruce, pulp flying through the air profusely. Bruce’s unmanly scream’s were the only sounds heard until he was no more. The plants rejoiced.

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