Victoria's Lack of Secrets

Oliver frowned at Victoria. “If Leo talks to you, will you let Laylani come back?”

Victoria pouted. “Do I have to?” She purred.

“Yes, yes you do.” He said back. “So do you agree or not?”

“Fine.” She sighed, somehow managing to get her chest to heave. “But only because you insist.” Victoria grinned.

Oliver groaned but closed his eyes. When he opened them again they had gone from brown to green and he was Leo. Even the posture was different, Leo carried himself more formally than Oliver.

“What do you want, Victoria?” Said Leo, looking the slightest bit annoyed.

“Your opinion, of course.” Victoria leaned towards him.

“My opinion?” Leo continued to look annoyed. “My opinion, is that your rude, unnecessary and completely uncouth.”

Victoria smiled. “And you like that, don’t you?”

“If you’re quite finished, I’m sure Oliver would like to return.” Leo continued unfazed.

Victoria ran a hand up his arm. “Answer the question.” She sang.

“No, I think you’re utterly ridiculous and I don’t like it.”

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