Who Knew?

When something or someone hurts you you shouldn’t let that person/thing pull you down. Thats exactly what I thought before I met Jason. Hi, my name is Camille and I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to deal with any relationships until after high school. Well, guess what… I was completely wrong.
I was on my way to Biology when the new kid, Jason came walking by. Of course with my clumsy nature I tripped right in front of him. He, surprisingly didn’t laugh, but he helped me up. I looked up at him and well my exact thoughts were wow. Once I finally stopped staring at him, I welcomed him to the school. I found out he had the same exact schedule as I did so to be polite I showed him the way to all of his classes tripping here and there.
We reached Math and of course we sat right next to each other. How wonderful I though sarcastically. I sat through an hour of pure horror as Mr. Burnur, the teacher, told us the rules we had to follow. All I have to say is boring.
After that I went to lunch.

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