The Love Question?

A young boy was trying to figure out the meaning of LOVE. See by the tender age of 13 he was already confused by this word because pop songs and movies had confused him. He decided to ask his grandpa Juan.
“Hey grandpa, have you ever thought about what the word love?
“Maybe, any ideas?” the grandpa said to the boy.
The boy thought for a second before responding: “well in Moulin Rouge they say Love is a many splendid thing, Love Story said that love means never having to say your sorry but that doesn’t make any sense, I think; The Beatles say All you need Love, but the Smiths seem to think Love is the pleasure of dying with someone your with and that Adam Sandler dude said Love stinks, I don’t know I just want one definition, can you help me”
Grandpa Juan pulled out a deck of cards at that moment. “Ever play 52 pick-up?,” he asked.
“No,” the boy exclaimed. Grandpa Juan then tossed the deck and they scattered across the ground.
“There’s your answer.” Two cards were facing up: A ace and a Joker.

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