I stand myself up at the end of a long valley. It is truly something awful; I barely manage to stand under the weight of my metal trappings. The sky is a distinct red; the city a distinct dead; but my batteries are distinctly unfed. Although my metallic body lends no strength to my meek organic limbs, I must keep walking or die.

After a 10 minute battle of attrition, I make my way down the alley. A few cars lined the streets, crushed and abandoned. It looks like much of the city has been nuked. In fact, I know it has been nuked. I can still see the mushroom cloud, even! What a site from the ground. Wait, if that cloud is there… then that means that the city I am standing in is now a massive nuclear fallout zone!

My organic parts will soon die from a variety of cancers and I will fully become a robot slave of the apocalypse; to serve my new zombie overlords for eternity. I fall, defeated.

As I take my last breath, the robot’s HUD starts up. “Copyrighted by Microsoft Corp.” Hmph, at least I’m not a Mac.

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