Start of the Cycle

People lose their money.
People lose their homes.
Peoples’ farms dry up.
People move west.
People lose their minds.
People vote.
People kick from office.
Government reassures.
People are reassured.
Government fixes up economy.
People irrigate land.
People plant soybeans.
People still lose money.
Other people go to war.
Other people genocide.
Government reassures.
People pray.
Other people ally with crazy people.
Government reassures.
People pray.
Crazy people attack people with all they got.
People seek revenge.
People seek genocide.
Government goes to war.
War reinvigorates economy.
People vote.
People re-elect.
People seek revenge.
Scientists examine atomic theory.
People pressure scientists.
Scientists make nuclear bomb.
Government pressure.
Government uses nuclear bomb.

Country is nuked.
Country perishes.
Country suffers…

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