Nature overtaking the civilized world
Like day overtaking night
Like a flag being unfurled
Draped over the human blight!
The cities of yore show their wear
The streets break and crack
To make room for new life to bear
The fruits of nature begin to attack…
The mechanical slaves of the humans’ reign
Once killing nature with its smoky allure
Now rust in the pouring rain
While the bulls charge and gore
The farms become lost
The livestock set free into the wild
The seed no longer is tossed
The soil no longer riled
In maybe a century or two
All their evils will be undone
In the end, machinery is slew
Nature will have won.
Sentience was a brief concept
Surely not to happen again
With nought but a hand inept
At anything save destruction.
But as works of fiction go
This is realistic and true
It will happen, whoa
T’will happen too soon!
So stop your wars of profanity
End the profiteers’ malice
So you can save humanity
From a story such as this.

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