Resurrection: Cyberpunk Challenge

The world had returned to its roots. After the fourth world war and the conclusion of global warming humanity destroyed its robotic foundation. The Organic Push, as it was called, ended all human dependence on machines. The Mech units and robotic warriors were round up, then terminated. Machines of all uses, from NeuroGlyders to JumpBoards, were ground up; the metals thrown to a scrap heap.
Still, AI had been pesky to eliminate. The small group of androids still operational after the powercell destruction in 4056 had began to graft skin onto their exoskeletons, hiding in plain sight.
“Detective, we found a piece of flesh, it looks like-”
“Shut up don get the ped’s riled up.”
“Look, it’s been verified. The androids, the AI, they’ve evolved.”
“Dumbshit, of course they have.”
“What do we do?”
“We hunt them.”
“But Detec-”
The shot was silent but it’s impact deafening. The rookie fell like a ragdoll. Detective Staff quickly rolled behind a nearby wall. This wasn’t the end of the machines. Cyberpunk wasn’t dead.

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