I am the shadow of what could be.
Never truly living up to the full potential
Dabble in all but finish none, I am what should have been
This and that always there but never present
A frustration borne of a need to succeed but seldom doing as such
Philosopher, Scientist, Student. All a part but never dominating,
At constant conflict with themselves and those that oppose;
Paths of doubt, denial, refusal, and discovery all intertwined to integration
At the crossroads of success with nowhere to go
A frustrated life led through the deception of others
But through deception there lies no joy, only deception of self
And deception of the self is only a mockery of joy
With only glimpses into the true self will joy be found
But they are only a tease of what could be
What should be and yet…
It remains as it was, only a shadow.
A shadow of the true self.

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