What Just Happened?

I went to lunch and something strange happened. It wasn’t the fact that he ignored me through lunch, but it was the fact that it actually bothered me. I’m used to being the girl who doesn’t get the guys, but this, this was a feeling that I’d never experienced before.
I went to sit at my table with my normal group: Asher, Elena, Jane, and Jake. As I sat Jane looked up at me with curious eyes, then turned and saw Jason at a table of just him and two other new kids. “What?”, I asked already knowing what her answer would be. “Did anything interesting happen with Jason?”, she said just as I had expected. My response was a simple rolling of my eyes. After that the rest of lunch was unusually quiet.
I saw Jason go out the front doors and I new something was up. I nonchalantly followed without anyone hopefully noticing. I got to the door and all I saw was a glitter of green (which in my opinion looked like eyes) and a flash as something (or someone) ran away at an impossible speed.

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