“Cyberpunk was dead!”

Janik felt dread rise like bile in his stomach even before he saw Si sitting bolt upright, fear in his eyes.


“What do you mean no? I Saw it Jay, it was so weird, like I was the only one left! I came to the Den, we weren’t here. Bashed in hard-drives, empty Trigun cartridges. Blood on the walls Jay, they find us!”

He was drenched in sweat, and his body bore the marks of Travel – this was the moment Janik had feared and waited for, for so long.

“Si, remember my Sight is Deeper than yours, OK?”

“What? None of that ‘superior Sight’ stuff matters now, there might not be any time! Everybody was scared of me Jay, and it freaked me out – they were looking at me like I was alien something – or the last of a species…”

Groaning, his head in his hands, he turned to face the bank of screens monitoring the entrance to the Den.

Visions of Si swamped Janik’s vision – Si then, Si now, Si…

“Cyberpunk didn’t just die.”

Before Si could turn around he was dead.

“You murdered it.”

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