Let 'Em Keep It

It’s on fire. How did that happen?

I walk slowly across the street, staring. My car. On fire? Makes no sense…


“Those. Punks.”

Standing there, laughing, pointing. Gas can by their feet. Aren’t even getting wet.

I’m soaked. They’re just inside a tunnel through Microhoo Tower. Fuckin’ trolls.

Nobody’s going to stop them, lock them up, or take them in. This is Ground Level. Stateless, even after they dammed and drained it.

Oh, they see me. Not intimidating. Soaked. Nice clothes, relative. And they’re coming this way.

My gun… in the car.

Oh, come on. There’s a police car directly above us, pulling over some fool on the skyway.

“Hey, babe! Wha’cha lookin’ at?”

Oh, right. Trolls. Um. Running, slipping on muck. They never cleaned-

OW! Was that a taser? Where the hell did they get a taser? Also, face full of asphalt and mud.

Sigh. This is gonna be expensive. Severing

I feel my body go limp before senses cut out. They’re cursing, calling me a zombie.

Whatever. I’ll regen in a few days.

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