Silence Can Explode

Everyone cared at first. Those first few months fly by with doctor’s visits, shaking heads, examinations, therapists, and rolling tears. No, no tears from me. I wouldn’t cry over this.
And of course, the inevitable moving.
“Maybe a new setting…”
They just didn’t understand. A new setting wouldn’t help.
You have the right to remain silent.
Mom was the most worried. She cared for the longest period of time. Her questions lasted the longest.
But, like all things, they stopped. All of the questions stopped.
It seemed sudden, almost like everyone gave up at the same time. Like a universal code, a code that only I didn’t receive.
Just like the world to shut me out.

The fact is, you do.
People just can’t.
They’d explode.

I thought I might explode the first few weeks.
I soon got over that, though, I’ll tell you. The fact is, I didn’t have anything to say.
But I didn’t remember. For the longest time, I didn’t even remember.

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