Come in radio
Can you read my transmission radio?

Radio come in
Can you here me

Listen carefully
To whoever is near?
We are low on fuel
Need of help
We are flying low
We can’t make it any further

Radio come in radio

Transmission lost…………….

This is radio control
We read your transmission

Can you read are signals
427 you are flying low
Do you read this transmission?

We need your assistants
We need to know if you can hear us

427 come in
427 come in
427 come in

Transmission lost…….

Radio control
Come in radio control

There is a bright light
Coming from the right side of the cock pit
Radio control tower please come in

We see smoke
Is there to be any concerns we should know
Radio tower come in

There is something ahead of us
It has a bright ray of light
We can’t seem to be able to move are consoles

Radio tower come in

Transmission lost………

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