I grinned widly and pressed the small button atop my camera.
“Ok, I’m recording!!”
“Allright!! I’m Regina Tomson, and I’m gonna ride off these stairs on my bike!!” my best friend said to the camera.
“Allright, Regina, get going!!” I moved the camera as she moved, then turned it off just as she reached the stairs. “OK!! STOP!!”
“Kay!!” she got up, and put a life-sized doll where she was sitting previously. I turned on the camera as she pushed it down the stairs, and made sure that she wasnt in the shot.
“OUCH!!” I turned to Regina.
“Was that you?” I asked her.
“Um, no, I thought it was you…” We turned to the doll. Its twisted body squirmed.
“What was that for?!” it screamed at us.

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