Before it happened (Danger!)

She was hungry, horribly so. It had been only a mere few days since she last…ate. Yet, the morsels that she did…feed…on were apparently not satisfying enough.

She scoured the full five yards before her eyes were compelled to a certain location, one with a unique aura. Whether or not the puppy store that her target stood by helped in motivation was a whole other notion. Instead, she slithered by quietly until she grew impatient and approached the boy at hand.

Without notice, she linked her arm with his and tugged at him roughly to walk with her. He looked bewildered at her as if to ask who she was and why she was touching him. With a crude explanation that names were not important, she waved his worries away, and it surprisingly worked.

She talked of puppies and piggy back rides, cupcakes and even hinted about kitchen monsters or something of the nature. She halted for a moment, ran up to a random man with a “Hug Me!” sign, actually hugged him, then continued to walk with the boy.

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