Someday: I’m Going to be Someone Else. (A Dedication)

“If you cannot teach me to fly, then teach me to dance.” That was her life quote. Anyone remember her?

She wrote with raw talent. Puting words together with much emotion that some didnt understand but all felt. One sentence was enough to make you cry. One sentence and you could paint a picture of the story. Words of passion and hurt was what she wrote, but everyone has a small gleam of light that everyone could see. Many didn’t know some of her stories were nonfiction but she didn’t complain to anyone. She just wanted to be known through writing. We all adored her writing. Remember her?

Her comments were full of love. She knew constructive critism and used it when she needed to, but she was full of praise. She never boasted about how good her writing was, she was just modest. Ficlets was her domain. She was a top author. Anyone that knew her would have all these nice things to say about her. Amazing writer and commentor. Do you remember her?

Her name was Someday_93 but we all called her our dear friend =).

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