Question of Logic

Day 206 since nuclear fallout. Diary entry number 150.
The sand is getting quite old. Wandering further is generally useless but the local supplies are limited. The coconut trees I’ve been living on are half-picked clean and look like they’re already starting to rot.
No ships have come by, albeit nothing has happened to worsen my situation otherwise. Makes me wonder what the purpose of this enormous exercise in catastrophe has brought us.
Just a few hulking shells of cities and enough fallout to make the Hiroshima victims look like perfectly healthy individuals.
Does it bring anyone any health? Does it bring anyone any monetary gain? Does society advance because of it? No, no, and no. The civilization that we exist is illogical to enable such a travesty.
Wait, wait. I see a boat! I can see it over the horizon! I need to flag it down! I am saved! I can go back to human civilization!
But the question is; do I really even want to live in a world of war and terror?

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