I feel free,weightless
I feel high
I am at the edge
push me,I may fly
touch me so I know I’m here

I am awake even when i sleep
time stays frozen even though the needle leaps
I dream that I’m dreaming
minute by minute,second by second
I hear my own breath,I know I am here lifeless and weak
my body stark, naked and cold
I am lonely, buried deep down in debris
ur touch is the only thing dat gives me hope

I see myself,I feel myself
n yet I cannot sense myself
touch me so I know im here

the thin red line on whch we tread
the finest line between the real n the fake
the thread whch separates the waking n the dead
I am blind,my line is blurred
oh God, guide me to find my light

life is such a fucking mess
am I here or am I dead?
is this real or is this fake?
are you who you are?
or is this yet another mask?

I have no aim,I have no path
just a wandering soul in search of hope
oh god, please help
squeeze d world n drip it down my throat..

Note: Thoughts by Aaron, who couldn’t manage to wait to hear the praises!

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