My Life Story: part 1

At first, you are put in the middle. You have no clue what to do. When you are young you don’t know any better then just to go along with what others are doing. Then, you start to get older, but now you just do whatever you are told, you’re not really being you.
There’s those people in your life that you really hate, for the fact that they get everything they want or just because they are major jerks. I might not be popular and rich but I’m one of those people who surprisingly doesn’t care. I have enough to deal with in life.
Now you might be thinking my life story has happened to others before and will continue to happen over the years. Some of you might even be living this. We are all different people here so my story has to be somewhat different then yours. Like did I mention that all I’ve ever wanted to do was to sing in front of people. Again you might be thinking Oh great just another story about a girl with a dream of being a star. You, my friend, are wrong.

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