The cochleal cell vibrated, sending a tone through my skull that vibrated my teeth.
“Hello?” I answered, annoyed.
“You’re fired, you cyberhacking, double crossing..”
“What? I didn’t!”
“We’re erasing you!” click

I was stunned. Erasing me? How? This was MegaCorp, they had great power, lots of secret contacts. I was an expert hacker, so I turned on my computer.

Work password, inactive. Bank account, gone. Identity files, erased. I sat back stunned. I couldn’t even buy a coffee in this town now. I bet my own door wouldn’t even know me!

There was only one thing to do. Trace the data still on my port and find the virus that hacked MegaCorp in my stead. A virus that i didnt’ detect, that skipped my computer, that didn’t corrupt my port. This was way too clever for me. I needed to pay a visit to Louie.

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