The Diary of a King: Stone Age

Today, Oog made an amazing discovery.
We were throwing stones at the women, you know, having a laugh, when Oog throws a stone, misses, and it slides on the ground. But… it slided in a way, where it seemed to rotate as it hit the ground.
So, Oog decided to carve a stone into the shape of the previous one, and throw it along the ground. It moved farther that any other rock anyone has ever thrown.
Oog called it the Weird spHere, Enjoys bEing Lobbed.
Though everyone calls it the W.H.E.E.L.
We are trying to find other uses for this wheel, but so far it’s only been used for fun and disciplining our children with.
Perhaps it could be used as a hunting tool, or… as some sort of transportation.
Lord knows, we could use a way to move around easier.

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