“Whoa, Greek!” Mojo gasped an stared open mouthed at the encapsulated female nudes.
“Hey, stop drooling and help me!” Greek growled. His hands moved over the data screen, sliding pictures into place like a great puzzle until he found the release codes. “Go to the one on the left, we’ll do her first.”

Mojo stared in awe at the suspended form, curves, chalky blue skin, long hair wrapped and caressed her body.
“Hey! would you pay attention?! I said to unplug the green cord after you push the red button!”
“Oh green cord, red button, got it.” Mojo reached for the cord.
“NO!” screamed Greek, lunging toward him, but it was too late.

The capsule burst, watery blue green gel gushed over them and the girl dropped out of her broken egg, scraping her legs on the rim and smacking her head on the floor. The gooey men stared, unsure what to do.

Then she opened her eyes and rose. Something whirred inside her as she began to hover, long and unclothed. Then she looked at the two men, her eye sockets glowed green.

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