“Do you love me?” she asked her boyfriend while looking into his eyes.
“Of course.” he replied and kissed her.
Their clothes began to come off as they kissed each other. Then something out the window caught her eye. It was a man with a camera snapping pictures of the couple’s intimate moment. She quickly put on her clothes and rushed out of the bedroom onto the front balcony to find the courtyard full with paparazzi. The flashes went off one after another.
“Leave!” She screamed at the crowd, who disreguarded it.
Suddenly she was seized by her boyfriend into an involantary kiss. He began removing her clothes. She thought to herself "_italic_ He’s going to rape me for the cameras italic " and she began to panic. She struggled against him and lost her footing. She fell from the balcony and landed hard. Her sight was going, she was slipping into unconsiousness and the paparazzi snapped away with their cameras. This was the perfect photo op.

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