If I can't have you, no one can!

He pointed the gun in my direction. I tried to move, but Will pushed me back behind him again.
“Shane, calm down you don’t have to do this!” I said trying to hide my fear. It wasn’t working.
“That could be us you know! Dancing, having fun, we could’ve had that!” He said, swaying, I could tell he was drunk.
“Shane, I’m sorry, but it’s over,” I said trying to sound sympathetic, “Now please, put that down before you somebody.”
“Oh Fay, who says I’m only going to hurt him?” he chuckled, “If I can’t have you, no one can!”
On impulse, I pushed Will down, just in time too. Another gunshot, then pain. I looked down to see my stomach slowly turning red.
That was Will, he jumped up and caught me while I fell to the ground. The room started spinning and I heard screaming. Darrell appeared by Wills side and I could see Anne running over. Will set me on the floor, crying and saying something to me. I tried to respond, but everying went black.

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