Shhh, everything is going to be fine

I woke up and saw Mr. Jones holding something on my stomach. I turned to see Will kneeling by my side and holding my hand. I could tell that he had been crying. All my friends were standing around me too, they had been crying too. I opened my mouth to say something.
“Shhh, everything is going to be fine. He dropped the gun and some teachers tackled him” Will choked.
But I just had to tell him something, “I love you.” I managed to whisper.
A tear rolled down his cheek, " I love you too. But you’re going to be fine, the ambulance will be here then they will take care of you."
Darrell put his hand on his brothers shoulder.
Why did this have to happen? This night was supposed to be special. I thought.
Mr. Jones spoke, " Do you feel anything?"
“No, I can’t feel anything,” I gasped. It was true, my whole body felt numb, but it was still hard to talk. I started to close my eyes.
“No, I think you should stay awake,” Mr. Jones said, “At least until the paramedics get here.”
I couldn’t help it, it went black again.

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