My Life Story: part 2

Now it might be smart if I tell you my name. I’m Nikki Porter. As I said before, my dream is to be able to sing in front of people. Well I don’t mean like a celebrity. I mean to get the confidence to sing in front of my friends and family. Yes, I have sang for people before, but well it was no louder then a whisper. I really enjoy singing too, but I’m just nervous of what people will think.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with my pathetic tragedy all day. This is my life story, so I’ll start with some basic things you need to know. Well, my parents are divorced and have been ever since I was nine months old. Since the divorce they have each gotten married and had kids. My mom got married first and had a little, baby boy named Andrew. She later had another boy named James. And here I am, now 8 years old.
Dad got remarried too, but I really don’t like her. They had a little boy too named Joey. They later had a girl but here’s where it gets interesting.

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