Friday Night

Friday night. Last day of school, a night for those who have been working hard to wind down before the next week starts up again. A chance for them to turn off all phones so that the only tune they do hear is the one playing on the stereo. Everyone’s out, the fridge is theirs and the tv is left unsupervised.

Fantastic Friday night.

Not once in the other days of the week was she able to avoid some sort of contact. Email, phone call, texts, face to face, and even through notes left around the house. With whatever was left in her wallet, she could splurge on a really fulfilling burger, maybe one with bacon. Though, it was unnecessary and would require driving. The running silence of her name not being called was enough; no questions, no statements, no answers. It was additional time to reflect on the drama that she wasn’t going through, curling up in a bed all her own and waking up just as refreshed as how she went to sleep.

Fantastic Friday Night.

She wonders how she can make them even better.

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