Radta, Holy Priest

Radta walked into the cathedral with an air of brightness that day. She wore her finest white silken robes, with reddish fringe around the edges. She resonated with holy energy. To any bystander, it would seem she was just going to work as the revivalist that day, simply turning gold and prayer into new life. However, this day was different.

The cathedral stood almost empty, and dark around all sides as she walked in lightly. A large beam of light descended on the altar, and three likewise-dressed holy people, all male, one with a grey beard, surrounded it, praying.

“Father, I am ready to leave this town to bestow blessing on the world.” The grey bearded looked outraged. “What?! No, Sister Radta, you will stay at this cathedral and heal people! I am coming on in years, and not many are blessed with the holy energy around here.”

But Radta didn’t care. The priests spent an hour arguing, and Radta eventually walked out, collected her things, and left to heal the sick elsewhere.

If only it was so simple…

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