Stadt, Axemaster

Dressed in simple furs, a man walks out of the Jungle. Bloody. Muscled. Dirty. Odorous. The sun rises in the background.
He walks along a long road into town. One can now pick out his stone-crafted axe, his sledge with various animal skins on it, and his gritty disposition.
The city guard quips as he orders the city gate to be raised. The axer rolls his eyes and drags his sledge into town.
One can pick out his probable destination by now; the market. It seems he intends to sell his sledge of furs for money.
Half a day later, one can now see the sun setting, rather than rising. His furs are sold; his money is spent on a new, bluish metalled axe to match his other one.
Suddenly, a heavily robed priest and an outlandishly clothed gunner come to him. The gunner tries to keep himself from vomiting.
The priest directs some holy light to rid the man of his stench, and gives him an offer to fight evil alongside herself.
The man agrees and introduces himself as Stadt, Axemaster.

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