Wildcard: The randomest hero of all time!

“As soon as I was born I knew my life was not going to be generic. On that day I had the power of perception. My life has been so complicated since then. You see my power is being lucky and a new power everyday. I’ve trained myself to identify this power by flipping a coin. my father was a scientist, a good one. . He developed a machine that could identify people with powers. It turns out we all have them. But only few discover them. At first he thought the machine was broken but with further experimentation he figured it out. It was proven when he… Hit me in the face very hard with a metal baseball bat. He figured out that my power’s aren’t random each day but change in a sequence based on type. He calculated that I would have an immunity power that day. It turned out I did. This is our story.” -Preston Shay

The Hero that would change everything…

Preston began to think back to that tragic day. The day that changed everything.

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