Son, It's for science...

“Son you must understand why I must do this.” Said Preston’s Father Michael.

Preston mimicked him perfectly his power for today was mimicry.

“It’s for science Preston! Nothing can go wrong! It’s all calculated so well” Preston said obviously unsure “If having a scientist for a father means getting hit in the face with a bat I wish you would never have went to college.”

Michael winced.

“It’s not that bad son We are just going to-”

“Bash you in the face with a bat.” Preston finished.

“Ok fine. It is ludacris. But I know it won’t fail.” He concluded

“How do you know?”

“Call it a hunch.” Michael said as his eye’s glistened in the sunshine.

Actually it was less than a hunch. Preston’s luck power was based off of his dad’s power. The window of oppurtunity. With that power he could create opputunities for himself. And the power is actually very versatile if you know how to use it. He made a window for tommorrow. And he made a window to figure out what type not what power Preston would have each day.

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