Flirting with Disaster.

Preston stopped reminiscing. Something was wrong.

“Get your butt out here you little leech!” Preston screamed into the dark alley he was about to pass.

A disheveled girl walked out, even in rag’s this girl was pretty enough to have some appeal.

“Will you quit yelling down my alley psycho?” she retorted angrily “And I am not a leech!”

“Telepath’s in my opinion are leeches.” Preston curtly replied.

The girl kissed him soundly on the lips.

“Could a leech do that?” She asked cutely

Surprised by her sudden change in personality he backed up still stunned by the kiss.

“What happ-”

“Simple, I looked for something in your head that would distract you enough to let me do this.” the girl said pridefully as she held up his wallet.

Preston snatched the wallet out of her hand.

“That’s strange you didn’t think that. That’s not possible.”

“I can do alot of impossible things.” Preston said as he walked away.

The girl stood there stunned.

“He should not have been able to do that.” She thought

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