Can't lie to a Telepath

“Oh no. I should not have said that.” Preston thought.

He casually pulled a quarter out of his pocket and flipped it. He almost swore. X-ray vison! Of all days. Now while it would be tempting to misuse x-ray vision Preston had no problem. Having exotic power’s everyday can actually come to normal for some people.

Preston stopped.

“Probe me and your going to regret it.”

“Just tell me how you did it.”

“Did what?”

“Your playing coy.”

“Can’t lie to a telepath. Almost forgot, crap.” he thought.

So Preston did the next best thing. He told a half truth so if she didn’t try too hard she wouldn’t notice. She didn’t notice.

“Oh that’s cool. Don’t go yelling at anymore telepath’s.” she said as she smiled and walked away.

“She’s a head case, I know it.” He thought as he turned and left.

But alas, the telepath had not been fooled.

“I have good reason to follow him. Their will be great benefit if I stay with him.” she thought.

For she could also see the future.

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