Laying Low

2300 Hours
Cardboard Box,

It is currently four degrees under zero. My butt is freezing into an ice cube as it continues to snow furiously. Thanks to Elshahawk, I’ve decided to take her advice and lay low for awhile.

A few hours ago, I grabbed my laptop and packed all my necessities for a trip elsewhere for I was feeling unsafe being in the same place where I had first made my account into Ficly. They could come knocking at my door anytime!
Just as I was dropping my keys into the Juper Tezzy Motel key box, my botdar(bot waves) had picked up several security bots positioned around the motel. I did indeed panic for I spent a good 2 minutes wishing I could become my harmless non-illegal motel key. Then, the beeping sped up and the dots were on the move! It seemed that they had finished fortifying their plan and were ready to attack. That’s when I thought of it! I believe pure pressure led me to the thought of such a great escape. I ran to..

Oh no! My box has been compromised! ’Till next time, friends!

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