Ginkgo nuts should help

I tossed and turned on the bed,
Trying to remember what I’ve absentmindedly forgotten.
I forgot my parent’s wedding anniversary,
My memory took a holiday to Hawaii.

I fell asleep on my table,
Struggling with quadratic equation.
Teacher taught us how to solve it today,
But I forgot.

My best friend made an appointment with me yesterday.
It was for a girls’ night out on Saturday night.
Come Saturday night I was out with my boyfriend,
When my friend called,
I told her I forgot.

I woke up in the middle of the night,
Trailing to the study room to check on a Chemistry fact
I forgot eons ago.
There was a chemistry test yesterday.

I tried to recall.
But I forgot.
Perhaps I should take more ginkgo nuts.
But I forgot.
Once again.

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