The pale girl slowly walked down the hallway to see me. I screamed.
“Dont be scared…” she said softly, in a high pitched voice.
“Y…you…youre Ha…” I began to say, but she cut me off.
“No body’s perfect.”
“Especially not you!!” I screamed, kicking her away.
“I gotta work it.” Suddenly, stage lights shone down on her. Her bleached blonde hair shone, and her blue coloured contacts fell out. Her eyes were red, and she repeated, “NO BODYS PERFECT. I GOTTA WORK IT.” Her voice was deeper.
“LEAVE ME ALONE, MILEY!” I backed up against the wall. She came towards me, her expression angry.
“My name…is not…Miley!! ITS HANNAH!! HANNAH MONTANA!!” I closed my eyes as she yelled at me, expecting the worst. I opened them against when I felt something wet on my leg, and saw her drooling on me. “You. Look. So. Delicious.”
“Tasty!!!” And with that, she bit into my leg.

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