“At this point, you may be assuming that I want you dead,” Acrylic said. “But such is not the case.”

She sat staring into the eyes of the man before her. He appeared to be in his thirties, but he had no hair, his shaved scalp instead sporting wires and wireless transmitters. It was quite the surreal picture.

“I believe that we have a common enemy,” Acrylic continued. “To wit, we both have a massive distaste for MegaCorp, who wants us both dead.”

She nodded as he continued.

“Now, I have a proposition. By yourself, you cannot take down MegaCorp, and, as vast as my resources are, I sadly cannot either. If, however, we pool our resources and skills, we might have a fighting chance. If you wish to do so, go into the alley between the Chinese restaurant on 60th and the next-door laundromat. You will receive your instructions there. Oh, and by the way, bring a gun. You’ll more than likely need it.”

The screen winked out.

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