Peon's Predicament

The peon sat in the back, hog tied, looking at two of the craziest men, he was sure, he had ever encountered. He was at the bottom of the food chain by a desert mile and thought for sure he would soon become non existent and the thought of how he would cease to exist made his stomach tie into knots. If they simply left him to die then he was sure that without his RV he would do just that; he was barely clinging to life as is when the first psycho found him. Now Psycho has agreed to give Mr. I Like Explosives a ride. Should he just sit and there and stay quiet? That only made his fear and panic grow more wild. Try to get on their good sides? Ice cubes chance in hell it seems. Play one against the other? If the world wasn’t destroyed before, he was sure a battle between these two would finish the job. Peon sat there, sweating and twitching, running scenario after scenario through his head, trying to save his own life. They were probably going to kill him, and without them he was dead.

Then he got an idea.

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