The Peon Makes a Gamble

“You ever have trouble out here on the roads?” the peon asked.

Matt turned to him. “How do you mean?”

“Do you ever get hurt?”

“Well, heck yes,” Matt said. “You don’t be the king of the road without getting in some scrapes every now and then. Your point?”

“You can have my RV. You’d just as soon shoot me anyway for it. But I used to be a doctor, and if you let me live, I’ll be your on-site doctor. If Death Zone here blew his arm off working with his weapons, he’d be dead without me. Do either of you guys know how to keep him alive if that happens?”

Matt though about it for a second and then said, “I don’t.”

“Me neither,” Death Zone said. “I just have extraordinary luck.”

“Well,” the peon said, “if that luck runs out…”

Matt thought for a second, then turned to Death Zone. “You all right with it?”

“Sure,” Death Zone said. “I’ll kill him if he tries to pull a fast one.”

Matt turned to the peon and grinned. “You lucked out, peon. Hope you like it hot, because we’re headed for the Gadsden Free State.”

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