Code 6751

We were sitting cross-legged in the front room, me and Alina were playing Queedo on the floor. I look at my sister peircingly as the concentration swells from her black, disc eyes. I was about to place my last tile on the holoscreen when we hear a vibrating crash from behind us.

The front door had been forced down by the KPU, 5 Kemarians rushed through our house and grabbed my father by the neck. I felt a sudden feeling of waterflies in my stomach as my father pathetically struggled and attempted to discover why the police would want him so badly.

A radio-altered voice escaped from a small, windowed hole in the enforcer’s helmet, “Mortak354, you are under arrest for violation 6751 of the Kemaria code”.
“Oh no, who saw me? Please tell me! WHO SAW ME!!!”, dad said desperately. I saw my father for the first time as a weak old man, I wanted to cry but that would be violation 6751 and I would be no better than him.

I hated my father after that day, no Kemarian should show such emotion.

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