Citrus Fruits Kill! (Page 2)

This could be an odd side affect of citrus fruits resulting in the eaters horrible, horrible death.

Here’s is a list of things to do and check off if you’ve been eating citrus fruit.

*Burn the fruit. Burn it all. Don’t breath the smoke in as it could infect you. You do not have confermation if the poison in citrus now code named “C”.
*Do not eat any citus fruits. Ever.
*Side affects of citrus are numerable, ranging from baldness, to wrinkly skin, to memory loss, and ever getting hit by buses.
*If a loved one you know eats citrus and has been for the past at least twenty years remember: you can only purge citrus with fire.
*If your gums fall out along with your teeth do not worry. Your strict anti-citrus enviroment is working.
*And remember the most important thing: HNN is not responsible to any deaths caused by wild, out-of-control citrus burnings.

For more information do not search the internet. They will tell you to ignore this advice and continue eating citrus. Don’t. This is HNN signing out.

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