If you need me just press the button

“He’s in the waiting room with all your friends.” My dad reassured me, “They are all very worried about you.”
“Why can’t he be in here?”
“Not that many people can be in here at a time.” Dr. Hood stated.
“Well I need to see him, and I want to see my friends.” I squeezed my moms hand. “I’ll be fine mom, I love you.”
“I love you too” she said, understanding and kissing me on the forehead before leaving with my dad. Shortly after, Will, Darrell, and Anne walked in.
“If you need me just press the button,” Dr. Hood said, motioning to a red button on the table next to me, before he left.
They all looked really worried. I didn’t like seeing any of them this way, it made me feel bad. Will took the seat next to my bed.

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